How to design bathrooms on a tight budget

There is nothing more relaxing than coming home after a long day and taking a long, hot shower. However when your bathroom is not quite up to shape it can be such a chore. Although they are often times the smallest rooms in the house, bathrooms hold a special meaning for most homeowners as it is their one secluded space away from all the noise. Redesigning bathrooms can be a huge undertaking and it is easy to have costs spiral out of control. However don’t let that limit you from creating the bathroom of your dreams. By following these simple tips you can easily design the bathroom of your dreams.

Get a fresh coat of paint – Talk about impact on a dime! There are few things that can truly transform a room with such little effort as a fresh coat of a paint. When you’re on a budget a properly painted room can make all the difference in the world. The paint color in the bathroom is especially important as it sets the tone for the atmosphere that you are creating. Take a minute to think about the feeling that you want to have when you walk in your bathroom. Do you want it to be clean an pristine? Or maybe cool and refreshing? Colours like light greens or blue can help create a relaxingatmosphere and also make the space appear larger than it is. The best thing is that paint is relatively inexpensive. However be sure to select an oil based paint that can handle the moisture of a bathroom, spending a little extra there can ensure you do not have a buildup of mold or mildew. Another important tip is to take care in paint the room properly. Although it may take littleextrapainters tape, it makes a huge difference when a room is sloppily painted versus professionally done.

Reuse and reinvent – when you’re on a budget reuse is the name of the game. Take a look around and see if any of those items can be reworked or reimagined. For example maybe the mirror can still be used but it could be used with a nicer frame, additionally if you have storage cupboard maybe just give it another sanding and a new coat of paint and it will be good to go. Lighting fixtures can also be a create way to change up the feel of the room without spending too much money. Maybe you could keep the lighting frame but swap out the covering for some lighting shades.Working on a budget does not mean the design has to suffer but rather you need to think more creatively about how you can make the most of items you already have.

Focus– Because you are on a tight budget you want to make sure you get a bang for your buck. That means you should spend the time to pay premium for those projects that really transform the space. For instance let’s say that there are some functional issues that have affected the use of the bathroom like a faulty pipe. Or it could be that the lighting in the room is inadequate. Or maybe the tub needs to be replaced or turned into a shower. Take the time to think about the issues that would help improve the overall functionality of the space. Then once you have identified those areas, spend the extra money on the aesthetics. At the end of the day little projects can be handled over time, so spend the money on those projects that really make a difference. Design features, while important can be worked in at the end once the problem areas have been taken care of. Doing this ensures that your bathroom is first and foremost functional and safe.

Accessorize fixtures – I know this seems too simple but really, updating your fixtures can make the bathroom appear completely new. Swap out the faucets, knobs, showerheads for so new fresh designs. Take a look at your mirrors, side chairs or even shower curtains, can these be updated? Updating fixtures is an affordable and creative way to add some new design elements to your space. Although it seems so simple it create a completely new environment.

Buy used material – I know I know it seems like a risk. However these days there are some great stores that have used material for a bargain of the retailprice. Whether it reclaimed wood, mirrors or sink cabinets you can find great deals for a portion of the price. With the internet these days there are many websites you can find where people are selling new or refurbished items for reasonable prices. This approach also helps you find quirky items that can be used as a topic of conversation. Get out there and look around, you may be surprised at the quality that you find.

Repair rather than replace – when updating your bathroom space, the first thing you should consider is whether any of your issues can be simply repaired. If the bathtub is leaky, see if you can find a professional to patch this up. Even if the mirror has a slight crack, maybe this can be repaired. Don’t rush to blindly buy items that you don’t need. Repairing items often costs a quarter of the price and looks as good as new.

Renovating a bathroom can be a challenge on its own, however having a limited budget can be hugely discouraging. It might seem easier to just wait until you have all the money to buy everything at once. However don’t be discouraged, don’t let that stop you from making these changes. Little changes add up over time and make a difference in the long run. Utilising these tips can help you make small changes that make a huge difference. Don’t let lack of money stop you from creating your ideal bathroom.  Come up with a plan for what you want in your new bathroom and start one step at a time and watch your idea come to life.

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