Window Glass Types: 9 Different Choices

When choosing a new home window, lots of people think of the design of the home window structure, the colour, as well as the equipment to match. What people do not normally think about is the sort of window glass.

There are different windows glass types to choose from, and all included their very own distinct residential properties.

In this short article, we will certainly be having a look at the kinds of window glass offered, so that you can make an educated decision on the glass that will be most appropriate for your home.

# 1 Float Glass

Float glass is glass as it’s a lot of fundamental types. It is a sheet of glass that is yet to be treated or reduced, and also is called after the process of transforming liquified glass into large panels– wherein liquified glass is drifted in addition to liquified tin, which produces a smooth but thin glass panel.

This kind of glass has no colour and also is affordable, however it isn’t specifically solid.

There are a variety of procedures that drift glass can undergo in order to develop a more high-quality pane.

This consists of stiff glass, where the glass is strengthened, however when it breaks, it can leave sharp shards of glass, consequently stiff glass can then go through its own set of processes to end up being also more powerful, transforming it into tempered glass or perhaps heat enhanced glass.

# 2 Laminated Safety Glass

For the protection conscious, or those who require stronger glass, laminated safety glass is a common choice.

Developed by fusing 2 panes around a layer of polyvinyl butyral using a high degree of warmth and also stress combination, in order to develop a strong panel of glass.

This sort of glass is often made use of in cars where flying items can create the glass to damage. With this glass kind, it minimises any prospective damage to the occupant.

# 3 Obscured Glass

Obscured glass assists to guarantee privacy by making it more challenging to see through. This type of glass is typically used for washroom home windows.

The glass can have patterns imprinted to aid safeguard personal privacy, though some individuals think that it isn’t always sufficient. Normally just shadows ought to be able to be seen through the glass.

# 4 Tinted Glass

For the really privacy conscious, colored glass can serve as a little an upgrade from obscured glass. It can be tinted to cover what’s occurring via the glass.

Tinted glass is when colour is added to the glass, normally for visual objectives.

Yet it can additionally be used to decrease the quantity of sunshine that comes through, or sometimes, also to help secure from UV rays.

# 5 Tempered Glass

When we discussed annealed glass earlier (under ‘float glass’), toughened up glass is an upgrade on top of that.

Safety glass supplies 4 times the strength of annealed glass.

It is generally made use of as a way of being solid glass, yet still staying breakable in an emergency situation.

# 6 Shielded Glass

Insulated glass is just one of the extra common types of glass you may discover in a home, frequently called double glazing or triple glazing.

There are usually 2 or three panes of glass, along with argon gas remaining in the areas between. Condensation is protected against from creating within the panes of glass by using a desiccant element– however this doesn’t quit condensation forming on the exterior.

For a standard home window in a house, where power effectiveness is likewise an important factor, insulated glass is a great choice.

# 7 Mirrored Glass

Fairly obvious, mirrored glass gives a mirrored result.

A steel coating is put on one side of a pane of glass and then sealed with a protective sealant.

It’s not typical for this sort of glass to be used on outside windows (though some do), it’s more usual for usage on walls as well as furnishings as an attractive choice.

# 8 Low-E Glass

If thermal radiation is a consideration, low emissivity (Low-E) glass could be the appropriate option.

An unique covering is related to the glass to reflect radiant heat.

This can aid to supply advantages in summer season and winter season, as it will certainly help to mirror heat away from your house in the summertime, whilst showing the heat attempting to leave the house in the wintertime back in.

This kind of glass does come at a cost, but it can cause lower power expenses as a result of its capacity to reflect radiant heat.

# 9 Wired Glass

Frequently misinterpreted for being a kind of security glass, cable glass in fact isn’t commonly used for any type of security objective. It actually works as a fire-resistant glass.

The cords act to hold the glass in position when under high levels of warmth, whilst likewise protecting against fragments of glass from bursting out when a hosepipe is being made use of versus it.

Wired glass is not typical on homes in the UK, but is commonly made use of on social or commercial homes, specifically schools as well as health centers.

Top Tips for keeping out the Winter Draughts

Maintaining your residence cozy in the winter season can often seem like a little bit of goal and also with the cost of heating costs rising all the time maximising maintaining the warm in as well as the draughts out really feels a lot more crucial.

Though at first pricey investing in good quality double glazed doors and windows is just one of the best means to boost the thermal efficiency of your home which over time can aid you save cash. Not just does Double glazing help to keep your home warmer by capturing the warmth inside the latest designs additionally have up to day home window seals and also frameworks that will aid to minimise drafts creeping in.

There are several means you can minimise the drafts that enter your residence as well as below you will certainly discover a few concepts to think about when it pertains to preparing your home for the winter months weather condition.

Draft excluders are an economical means to lower draughts, especially on doors. The classic long thin cushion filled with wadding as well as positioned at the foot of a door will help to lower the circulation of air passing through. These are wonderful if they remain in front of a door that isn’t utilized usually but could be a little bothersome on a door made use of day-to-day. Instead, on these doors, you might make use of a draught excluder tape or brush. Search online prior to selecting to ensure you pick the right alternative for you as well as don’t fail to remember to think about the height and also deepness of the door so usage is not affected.

Examine window seals as broken seals can easily trigger a space to lose heat rapidly. Seals are simple to replace as well as there are great deals of suggestions and also videos online to aid you get it right.

Add a brush to your letterbox will quickly aid to decrease heat loss as the air has much less space to pass through.

Fill up floorboard voids to guarantee drafts are immediately reduced. Many old properties have floorboards which include unique details and character to a residential or commercial property however during the cooler months, these can end up being a little bit of annoyance when it involves maintaining your house warmer. There are various sorts of product that you can utilize to load the voids in old floorboards and also discovering the right one for yours will absolutely deserve it as this will aid to minimize warm loss over the huge surface area.

Include a rug or carpeting to a space and you will enhance the warmth entraped in the space. When you have filled any type of floorboard voids adding in a big rug will likewise assist to boost the warmth of the space. It will certainly catch warmth as well as block any type of voids staying in the floorboard seals. If your floorboards are extremely draughty taking into consideration a rug is the best means to truly boost the warm loss in the space. For a genuine financial investment, a rug made from woollen will not only include heat as well as block draughts it will also be hardwearing as well as durable.

Hang thermal curtains in front of windows and doors to lower warmth loss with these locations, this is especially important if you have large home windows such as outdoor patio doors as blocking the drafts will raise the heat in the living space.

Maintain radiators clear to permit warm to load the room completely. Obstructing a radiator with a furniture piece such as a couch indicates the heat can not run away right into the space causing the room to not warm up efficiently.

Allow the light in during the day to make one of the most from the all-natural sunshine that will warm up an area totally free.

Whatever residential or commercial property you live in old or new, home or flat there are lots of little points that can be done to assist make your house work much more efficiently during the cold weather. So invest a couple of moments considering just how you can lower the drafts in your home prior to the winter embeds in.

Window Frame Designs: Which Design Should You Select

You’ve decided to update your home windows to double and even triple-glazed home windows.

You’re starting to check out different double glazing installers near you to carry out the work, obtaining quotes as well as picking up pamphlets for motivation on which home window style you ought to pick.

However you may end up with five or 6 leaflets that generally state the same thing.

That’s why we intended to develop a one-stop-shop for you to go to learn more about the different home window designs and styles, enabling you to make a notified choice on which design you think would suit your residence the best.

The crucial designs we’ll be considering are:

  1. Casement
  2. Moving Sash
  3. French Sash
  4. Turn and Turn
  5. Casement

Probably the most popular window style on the list, the casement home window is the most versatile as well as the most generally found window design installed in UK residences.

With its ultra-slim frameworks, enabling more exposure and also light going into the house, the beautifully visual design is ideal for any kind of modern or perhaps standard house.

Both panes can be opened and also unlocked along with the top smaller sized window panes, enabling complete air flow with your home and also supreme adaptability to open up the different windows relying on the temperature level and the weather condition.

Moving Sash

Symbolizing even more of a typical look, the moving sash window allows for the window to be raised or pushed down to open the home window to produce airflow via your home.

The home window can additionally be tilted inwards as it contains a pivot factor, this helps to clean up the home window inside as opposed to requiring to make use of ladders to cleanse the home window.

It likewise has the capability to keep youngsters safe as restrictors can be fitted to the bottom of the window, avoiding youngsters from opening up or turning the window.

Gliding sash home windows are an excellent alternative for flexibility and even more of a standard look for houses.

French Sash

Probably this most simple home window framework on the list, the French casement home window opens out to expand the residential or commercial property and to offer even more home, whilst allowing for optimum airflow to enter the residential or commercial property. This is especially beneficial for the hotter, summer months.

The ultra-slim window structure permits maximum sights via the home window with marginal blockage. This is a terrific benefit for health factors as there is more natural light getting in the home.

French sash windows are much more commonly related to apartments and houses where area is restricted, consequently opening out the windows creates the illusion of extra space.

Turn and Transform

Turn and also transform home windows provides scenic views and also unobtrusive ventilation. The capability to “turn and turn” the home windows to open them and also allow for air ventilation is fairly unique compared to the other window frame variations on the checklist.

You may find that tilt and turn windows are much more frequently discovered in apartments as well as houses where room is an obvious issue, consequently, the capability to turn the window inwards uses tight spaces, whilst still having the ability to open the home window.

Moreover, for high apartments where house owners might not be able to cleanse their windows, tilting the home window inwards enables cleansing the home window from inside the home.

Which window style should I select?

It really relies on the type of property, the design you like the appearance of the most and also practicality, which “fits” in with your home.

For example, if you possess a big 4 bedroom separated house with a sizable front as well as back garden, opting for tilt as well as turn window frameworks might ultimately be meaningless as there is no factor to limit living space.

Whereas if you own a level that is positioned close to one more block of apartments, after that a french sash home window may additionally not be the very best alternative as room is limited.

So it really comes down to the type of residential property as well as the functionality of the residential or commercial property. Then design, design and also other features should consider.

Keeping Your UPVC Windows in Top Condition Once Installed

Window frames used to need regular maintenance. Before modern-day products were readily available, windows were made from wood, which needed to be routinely dealt with to stop it swelling, splitting or rotting. Window technology started to establish, and the materials used to make frames grew in quality, with aluminium now also on the marketplace. Then, in the 1980s, uPVC occurred and altered everything. This budget friendly, flexible and widely available material ended up being the ‘go to’ for window frames, and this popularity lives on today. Here’s everything you need to know about maintaining your uPVC windows.

Avoid Any Harsh Chemicals

The only real upkeep that uPVC windows require is a comprehensive tidy every now and then. You will know when this is required, as you will see a build-up of dust and dirt (specifically if you have white uPVC!). When cleaning your uPVC windows, it is best to stay away from severe chemicals, as these can trigger damage to the frames– specifically discolouration and erosion. Instead, you can utilize an expert uPVC cleaner or, just as efficient, some warm soapy water. Try to prevent abrasive materials like scourers, which may scratch the frames. Think about opting for a soft sponge and carefully pushing this along the uPVC frames – this is all the pressure that is needed to get rid of any grime that has built up since the last tidy.

Look for signs of damage

uPVC windows are exceptionally long lasting, but it is still worth periodically examining that your window frames remain in good condition. If you discover any dents or cracks, then watch on these and, if they begin to worsen, maybe call a glazing expert for expert suggestions.

Clean the glass on a cloudy day

Your double-glazed uPVC windows can be cleaned up inside and out in just a short space of time. It is not a picky process – they just require a good wipe. When you are happy with the frames, you can clean the glass. Avoid doing this on a warm day, as the direct sun can cause the water to evaporate too quickly, leaving soap residue on your windows. For the outward-facing windows, use soapy water and a sponge to carefully remove any dirt. Then, give the windows a rinse with water to eliminate the soap, and after that blot the glass dry. Go over it with a dry chamois, cloth or newspaper, as this will buff the glass and make it sparkle.

This really is all you need to know about keeping your uPVC windows in excellent condition.

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Accessible Windows and Doors for Wheelchair Access

When you require to modify your house so that it accessible for wheelchairs and walking help, there is a lot to think of. For wheelchair users or individuals with handicaps, even the most basic everyday activities– like boiling the kettle, opening a window or going out into the garden– can seem like fantastic obstacles if the property they are remaining in hasn’t been modified appropriately. So, with this in mind, here are some aspects you might consider when thinking about boosting your house’s accessibility with customised windows and doors.

Low sills or crank handles

Typically, window sills are expensive up for wheelchair users to be able to reach the window conveniently. The typical height of a wheelchair seat is 20 inches, while that of a standard window sill is a lot more. Clearly, it is necessary that windows within the home can be opened and closed (and locked) effectively, so this is certainly an area to think about modifying for accessibility. If you want to physically reduce the window sills, then you will require to hire a builder to do this for you. Additionally, you might fit a crank handle to the existing windows, as this will enable wheelchair users to run the window efficiently. Another thing to think about is the condition of the window. If it sticks when you attempt to open it, then this might make operating it very challenging for a wheelchair user, and you might consider having it replaced.

Low-threshold doors

Wheelchairs need to be able to run along smooth surfaces. If they experience small steps on the flooring, the wheelchair user may not have the ability to get over them. People with walking aids could trip if there is a sudden rise or an unequal surface. That’s why, when you are modifying your house for ease of access, it is essential to ensure that all entrances and sidewalks are clear and smooth. This consists of carrying out low-threshold doors, which do not have an action running below them, so that wheelchair users and individuals with strolling help can easily get between spaces, and, certainly, out into the garden. A low-threshold alternative is readily available for the majority of door types, consisting of composite, French, patio and bi-folding doors.

So, there you have it: simply some of the ways you can boost your house’s availability with modified windows and doors.

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Glass balustrades

We own a house in Portsmouth overlooking the water. It’s in a very popular spot not far from Gun Wharf. We use the house in the summer months and rent it out the rest of the year. We bought the house as a project for us to work on when it is not rented out or whenever we can get down to the coast.

We decided a while back that we wanted to change the banisters to make it look more modern. The stairs were changed about ten years ago and are not too bad but the banisters could do with an update. We wanted a glass balustrade type of banisters.

We finally went for stainless steel posts and handrail system. The infill would be glass. All the stainless steel is satin finished.

There was quite a wide variety of fittings available to us. We toyed with the idea of having rope handrails to give it a more nautical feel, but eventually decided against it in favour of the stainless steel handrails.

I am so pleased with the finish. We had to shop around quite a lot to get a firm who could give us the finish we wanted within our price range. We now have a bespoke balustrade leading down to a open plan mezzanine and it looks great!

This is the finishing touch that we have put to the house. Our dream is to move to Portsmouth permanently when we retire. Not so much of a dream now, almost a reality.

And a mention for the glazier that helped us, we used  Croydon Glass.

Glazier Called Out to Fix My Sash Window

Hiring a glazier for window repair in your house can come at a great price. You may need a glazier that’s wide-ranging knowledge and provides outstanding customer service. Here in the UK many folks don’t do their research before hiring someone to perform a service. An actual professional glazier is a specialist at installing and removing glass and has mastered the craft of this ability. Glass is a fragile substance that must be managed with caution by a professional who has extensive knowledge and expertise.

Selecting a proficient glazier for sash window repair in your home is something you’ll need to dedicate some time too. Below is detailed the most important things you must take into account when calling a glazier out to fix your sash windows and information on sash windows specifically.

Sash Window Repair and Specific Information Relating to Them

Sash lumber windows has been around quite a while and there isn’t any indication of them going away anywhere in the short term. And by this we don’t mean merely that they’ve existed in an ‘architectural’ sense, because some sash timber windows have been in houses for several hundreds of years and are still in good functioning order. While these windows may be a rarity, it does demonstrate that occasionally, your sash timber windows reach an age where, although they may still be working they may be in need of repair. Sash Window repair is an alternative a lot of folks don’t consider, instead they rush out to buy replacement windows and this can be a blunder.

Among the primary reasons homeowners choose to replace their sash timber windows is because the old windows cannot retain heat in the house in exactly the same manner that modern, uPVC double glazed sash windows would. While this is a practical reason behind needing to alter your windows, you should investigate various paths before making the final decision to dump your old sash timber windows. Sash window repair would call for sealing around the framework and if this is successful, you could find a dramatic advancement in heat retention at home. This would reduce your heat bills and given that sash window repairwill be a lot more affordable than altering all of your windows, it may be a credible option.

Another reason given for the replacement of sash timber windows is the damage done to the window frames over years of being exposed to rain, ice, snow and other weather conditions. It may be worthwhile getting a quote on component replacement of frameworks when that is required. One of many real advantages to having sash timber windows as opposed to uPVC window frames, is you could get in a carpenter to do repair work to your lumber windows, whereas hardly any handymen are comfortable working on uPVC.

Depending on your present lumber frames, sash window repairs can include replacing the present single-glazing with double or even triple glazing. This is going to have the effect of enhancing the heat insulating material in the home, and blocking out lots of noise pollution. Regarding sash window restoration, if you’ve got the depth in the window frame to consider installing this glazing, it’s definitely an alternative worth considering.

Sash lumber window restoration may also contain the insertion of other kinds of more specialised glass, including acoustic guitar, security or toughened glass. These various sorts of glazing perform self-explanatory and fairly unique functions and could make the difference between you keeping your old windows and having to buy completely new window units.

Most of us, when we’re contemplating sash window repair, are contemplating repair that you just carry out on the real windows. Yet, easy things like hanging heavy drapes on the interior of the windows, or fitting great blinds, may also help insulate your windows and reduce fuel bills. It may take a set of little measures to reach the necessary results for your present windows, but if it saves you trouble and expense of having to replace them, it may well be worth the attempt.


Before selecting a glazier, you should consider how many years of expertise the firm has in the business and whether the firm has a strong standing. Understanding the firm has expertise will give you assurance they have coped with an extensive variety of jobs. What this means is they’ll have the ability to sufficiently guide you with the most suitable strategy for your repair.

Expertise is essential when selecting a glazier. Understanding they have adequate expertise will ensure you pick a glazier that will do an excellent job. You should do your research on glazier’s that you need to hire. They may have previous customers who’ve given comments or you might be able to locate reviews for their company. An experienced glazier will have the capacity to evaluate the demands of the job considerably quicker and their evaluation will be more accurate than a beginner glazier. This will ensure you receive a precise approximation of prices and the amount of time needed to finish the job.

It’s important that you correctly evaluate any particular components of the job that will be out of the ordinary as this might raise the expense of the job and also what kind of glazier you should hire. By way of example, you might need double glazing, which will need a glazier who you know can perform this and has an excellent history.

The Business Should Be Affordable

When you hire a glazier firm to undertake sash window repair, you’re paying for their expertise, focus and time that they’ll dedicate to the job. As you get and compare estimates from different businesses, disregard both extremely low and extremely high estimates. An incredibly low quote usually means low quality work or inexperienced staff, whereas an exceptionally high quote means the business is overcharging. Consistently choose a firm with a reasonable cost.

Never Be Afraid to Ask Questions

When hiring a glazier, or any contractor for that matter, never be scared to ask them questions to ensure both parties understand what to anticipate. Clearing out any questions or concerns before commencement of a job will allow you to be more comfortable and assured you will receive a service of high standards. As you go through the hiring process take some time to think through potential problems that could FAIL and request the glazier immediately as to how they’d manage the scenario.

You must be comfortable that in the event of something going wrong you have choices available to you. Inquiring the preceding questions will give you the reassurance that your glazier will manage any problems reasonably and professionally.

Select A Glazier That’s Local

Choosing the glazing firm that’s local is usually a superb choice. Firstly, a local glazier would have carried out and worked on other properties that are in your region. Second, local fitters rely on their track record and word of mouth to bring new customers to their company, meaning they’re more likely to over deliver and finish a job with high standards. Lastly, remaining local will be valuable if you should contact the business again later on if you’ve got any additional queries or concerns.


Should you be searching for sash window repair, you are going to need to hire the finest glazier firm to do the job. You should consider the qualities which you would desire of the business, as this can assist you in finding the finest glazier business. The preceding variables can assist you in the procedure for selecting a glazier that best suits your needs.

Sash window restoration and sash window repair aren’t new thoughts to the marketplace. Have little doubt that those sash timber windows which have been in existence in houses for hundreds of years are mended and restored often during their lives. Which goes to show you could satisfactorily restore your present windows and allow them to live on for another generation at home.

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