Moving your office from London to Glasgow

Just the thought of office removal wreaks havoc in the minds of many persons; it can be stressful to even think of where to start first. Arguably it would be easier if you were moving your business down the street but in some cases the trek is much longer like the 7 hour distance it takes to move from London to Glasgow. More often than not, business owners wait until the week before to start thinking about removing all the items from their office. That would probably be fine if you were moving to another flat in London, however as a business owner you also have to consider the implications the relocation has on your clients and employees. Taking the time to give adequate notice and plan those minute details will go a long way in easing the feelings of stress and tension that often accompany moving.

Create a checklist – the first step in the moving process is to write a checklist of all the tasks that need to be completed prior to moving. Are you taking the entire inventory with you? Have you notified your clients and business partners about the move? When will you set up your internet and phone lines for the space in Glasgow? Creating a checklist can also help you to focus on completing items that are high priority first, rather than blindly working on immaterial details. Putting these items down on paper makes the tasks seem more manageable and helps you to allocate sufficient time to complete them.

Get help! –No matter where you are moving to, you are going to need help. Removing all the equipment and furniture from your office is a tedious task which should not be done alone. As a default I tend to reach out to family and friends first to see if they might be willing to assist. You could also consider making the moving process a company bonding event where employees help remove for of the items from the office. Worst case scenario, consider hiring a professional moving company, they would be well prepared to help you move all the necessary items and can offer helpful advice based on their experience in the business. While this may be an added expense, it can be a huge burden of your shoulders to know that all your items will be safely packed and transported to your new destination. We used a professional removals company

Have cash on hand– too often persons forget to properly account for the expenses that come along with moving. Whether it’s paying those cancellation fees for utilities or paying to get the office cleaned thoroughly on your last day. If you are planning to drive to Glasgow how much gas would that be? Or maybe you plan to take the train instead. Take a minute to write down some of the major expenses you anticipate and have that on hand so you don’t have to run your bank account low in order to fund your moving expenses. Writing down all the expenses can also help you identify any areas where you could possibly save money. Maybe you can sell some of the old equipment or do some of the work yourself. Whatever you decided be sure to keep a sharp eye on your expenses to ensure that it does not get out of control.

Do a mental walk through – I find that doing a 5 minute mental walkthrough of the moving day helps to identify any possible issues that could come up. What time should we start moving? How long will the process take? Which direction will I take the drive from London to Glasgow? Take a minute and think about the first part of the moving process and work your way up until you have arrived at your new office location. Consciously ask yourself “Do I need anything to complete this step?” Doing this mental walk through is a life-saver and helps me to catch any issues that might have slipped through the cracks. It can also help you to be more calm and collected on the move-in day because you know that you have plans in place in case any scenario goes wrong.

Moving a business can be a bittersweet moment as it signals the end of a chapter and the start of a new journey. However with change there is an opportunity to grow and reach greater heights that you may not have dreamed of before. To ensure a smooth transition, break up the major steps involved in moving. Tackle each chunk one step at a time and give yourself enough room to allow for any unplanned circumstances that may come up.  Don’t wait until the last minute to get started on the preparation; it will not leave a good impression on your clients or business partners. Take the time to properly prepare for your move and ensure that you start this next chapter in your life on a good foundation.

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